Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ceiling Hanging Suspended, Wall Mount, Horizontal Air Filtration System for Small Spaces

The choice is yours, mobility with easy moving roller casters, move the air filtration system from room to room – as in small renovation projects, mold remediation, construction – where dust, airborne particulates, molds, mold spores, odors, fumes, from painting, varnishing, etc needs to be reduced / removed.

Now if space saving as well as air filtration capabilities such as dust and odor removal is needed, where floor space is a premium- the ceiling suspended, hanging from the ceiling, or wall mounted version would be your choice.

All these air filtration systems come in a variety of filter configurations matched to your needs and application- HEPA + Activated Carbon Filtration etc.

Here’s what they look like:

hanging, suspended from ceiling, or wall mounted

floor model with roller casters for easy mobility

optional hose collars available for negative air, positive air pressure applications

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